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Strobe Lights
  JTL has four series of  studio lights, providing up to twenty variations for photographers' needs.
  The Versalight D series, and Versalight E series are the most ideal flash units for photographers who require efficient lighting equipment. Both series are built with advanced microchips, and a newly designed flash tube. They provide an even light source, and steady light conditions desired by professional photographers.
  Versalight D series can be controlled by laptop computers, a remote controller, or manually.
  Ease of operation was the primary goal when designing the Versalight E series. Both professional, and novice photographers will enjoy the E-series lights, due to their simple operation and high quality design.
  If easy setup and transportability are the photographer's key concerns, the Versalight D-180 and Versalight J-160 are the ideal lights for the photographer. The Versalight D-180 comes with all of the benefits and functions of the D-series.
 The Versalight J-160 is a high quality, light weight compact studio flash. The J-160 (known as the "moving studio") has had several redesigns since its introduction ten years ago. This light is the photographer's "reliable partner."
  AC strobes can be used as a main light source for head shots, or as a back light to decrease shadows in a small studio.  Commercial photographers can use them to shoot samples or copy pictures. These low cost AC can add bright effect in a limited space. They are valuable photography aid.
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