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    Everlight can be used for TV interviews, commercial videography, digital portraits, and family portraits with 750W(3000K) or 1000W(3200K) quartz bulb. Setting up takes mere minutes-just add a digital camera or camcorder and you are ready to make professional looking photos or tapes.

Code: 2817

Code: 2817-1

Code: 2817: Everlight body
Max. output: 750W/ 120V halogen lamp
Code: 2817-1: Everlight body with built-in fan
Max. output: 1000W/120V halogen lamp
Color Temperature: 750W: 3000K
1000W: 3200K
Beam Width: 55 Degree
On/Off Switch: Yes
Fuse Protect: Yes
Fuse: 10A, 250V
Halogen Lamp Base: G 9.5 Two Pin

Control Panel

Models of Everlight
Code: 2817 Everlight Body
Code: 2817-1 Everlight with Built-in Fan Cooler

Code: 2809 Everlight 500W

Everlight Body
7" Standard Reflector
500W H.Q. Bulb

Code: 2810 Everlight 750W

Everlight Body
7" Standard Reflector
750W H.Q. Bulb

Code: 2811 Everlight 1000W

Everlight with build-in Fan Cooler
7" Standard Reflector
1000W H.Q. Bulb

How to Set Up JTL Everlight Kit
Mount JTL Everlight on to the JTL Light Stand (protective cap must be removed from top of stand before attempting to mount Everlight.) Removing protective cover from Everlight body, and install the bulb.

Using Soft Box: Assemble soft box and attach it to the front of the Everlight by aligning the three prongs on the connector with the slots and the accessory ring of Everlight. For soft box assembly refer to soft box assembly instructions.

Or, Using Standard Reflector and umbrella: Attach the reflector to the front of the Everlight. Insert umbrella to the umbrella holder on the Everlight fixture.

Once the Everlight is mounted on the stand, you can now adjust the height of the light by unlocking the extension collars on the light stand. It is not recommended to adjust the height or position of the light while it is on.

Tips for you:
Knowing the color temperature
Taking pictures with JTL Everlight is easy and interesting. To take great pictures with tungsten light with your digital camera, understanding color temperature and setting white balance is necessary. All JTL tungsten kits come with high quality halogen bulbs that meet the standards of the photography and television industries.

Before taking pictures, you must first tell the camera what type of lights you are working on. To do this the proper white balance must be set on your digital camera. Select the Color Temperature and numerically set the white balance¡¯s color temperature to 3000K or 3200K. Please look at your digital camera instruction manual for more detail information for white balance setting or correction.

General Accessories

Soft Boxes & Reflection Systems

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