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Lights for Location Photography
  Location lighting can provide the necessary supplemental lighting to help ensure positive results. These systems are self-powered, which is ideal for locations where an AC power outlet is not easily accessible.

  These units cannot only provide supplemental lighting, augmenting either natural or artificial light sources; they can be used as a main light source in a variety of locations. Environments where these units are common include weddings, portraits, wildlife, and nature scenes.

  After several years of research, development, and testing, JTL Mobilight Series is now in its third generation.

  JTL Mobilight Series:
  • Mobilight 1001, AC/ DC
  • Mobilight 601, AC/DC
  • Mobilight DC 600, DC only
  • Mobilight DC 1000, DC only
  • Mobilight 401, AC/DC
  • Mobilight 301, AC/DC
  These revised units' come with a new lithium battery design, or non-memory nickel-metal hydride battery.

  Those models feature a higher power flash output, more battery capacity, and are convenient to carry and set up. These features, among others, have helped the JTL Mobilight Series become one of the leading brands for location photography.

  One of the outstanding features of the Mobilight 301, 401, 601, and 1001 is its ability to use either an AC outlet, or one of JTL's power supply systems.

  A unique function of the Mobilight DC 600 & DC 1000 is the ability to remotely control the unit. It is very easy for photographers to remotely select many functions, including output and testing.

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