Soft Boxes for
Strobe Lights
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Soft Boxes for Strobe Lights
Octagon Soft Box

    The Octagon soft box will provide a wide angle of soft, even lighting. Designed to produce beautiful looking portraits, with perfect eye reflection. The front panel is made of white translucent cloth, which will provide a soft light, making it the ideal accessory to your main light source for softening the shadows in your portraits.
Code: 2560 48"x48" Octagon Soft Box with Connector
Code: 2561 36"x36" Octagon Soft Box with Connector

Octagon Soft Box without Connector
Code: 2550 48"x48" Octagon Soft Box
Code: 2551 36"x36" Octagon Soft Box

Square and Rectangular Soft Box:
Soft Box with Connector:
Code: 2532 10"x36" Hair Light Sort Box

Code: 2534 24"x24" Soft Box

Code: 2535 36"x36" Soft Box

Code: 2536 48"x32" Soft Box

Soft Box without Connector
Code: 2524 24"x24" Soft Box
Code: 2525 36"x36" Soft Box
Code: 2526 48"x32" Soft Box
Code: 2527 66"x30" Soft Box
Code: 2522 10"x36" Hair Light Soft Box

Code: 2537 66"x30" Soft Box

JTL Soft Boxes Window
    The window is designed for heat outlet. It can be used three ways as the pictures indicated.


    A perfect solution for photographers trying to achieve a glamour / beauty type scene. JTL Litebox will provide light, which is soft, yet still, has enough contrast to give you the perfect result for your glamour shots. Easy set up and breakdown makes the Litebox ideal for shooting on location.
    JTL Litebox is available in 4 sizes.

Litebox with Connector

Code: 2564 18"x18" LiteBox
Code: 2565 24"x24" LiteBox
Code: 2566 36"x36" LiteBox

Code: 2567 10"x36" Hair Light LiteBox

Litebox without Connector
Code: 2555 24"x24" LiteBox
Code: 2556 36"x36" LiteBox
Code: 2557 10"x36" LiteBox

1 Everlight with 500W bulb and Soft box 1 Everlight with 500W bulb and Litebox Household Fluorescent Lamp


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