Radio Trigger / Receiver
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JTL Radio Trigger/ Receiver   

Radio Trigger & Receiver (Code:2225) The JTL Radiro Trigger and Receiver is designed for photographic studios and on-location work. It is composed of two units: a radio transmitter/ trigger, #2226, and a receiver, #2227, both easily be used with a variety of studio flashes (AC & DC). They will eliminate flash slave interference among strobe lights in your studio.

Transmitter (Code:2226)
  • Remote Transmission
  • Low Consumption
  • Low Voltage Trigger / Safe for all digital Cameras
  • Isolated Channels


  • 4-Channel Triggering System
  • Transmitter Battery: 23A 12V mini-mode battery
  • Receiver Battery: (2) AAA, Alkaline Battery, not included
  • Maximum Operation Distance: 60 ft.
  • Working Frequency: 433MHZ

Whatí»s Included:

  • (1) JTL Radio Transmitter
  • (1) JTL Radio Receiver w/ built-in 6.35mm plug
  • (1) 3.25mm adapter plug
  • (1) Synch cord
Receiver (Code: 2227)
Channel Guide:
There are four possible combinations with the two toggle switches; these make up the four channels. Refer to the diagram below for details.


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