CFL Accessories
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          Compact Fluorescent Lamp Accessories:

Code: 2122
Single Light + Umbrella Holder

Code: 2124
Detachable 4-light Holder Kit

Code: 2126
Soft Box 20ˇ± x 28" with Single Light Holder

Code: 2128
Octagon Soft Box 33ˇ±with Single Light Holder

Code: 2155
7ˇ± Light Reflector for JTL CFL

Code: 2185
Light Reflector for JTL CFL

          Set Up CFL Soft Box:

Push the stretcher joint toward lamp base. Lock the circular joint in place. Make sure it fits flat around the lamp socket base.

Using a clean, dry cloth, screw the desired lamp into the lamp socket

Fasten front diffuser* on the soft box.

            * Optional accessory

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