Stand Weight Bag
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Stand Weight Bag: Code 5106 / 5107
Weight Bag
Weight Bag
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Size of #5106: This shape of #5106 bag is 3 trapezoid with 20"(bottom) x 9"(top) x 12"(L)
Size of #5107: This shape of #5107 bag is 3 trapezoid with 14"(bottom) x 5"(top) x 8"(L)
Double zippers provide more security when loading sand. Wide openings on three sides can easily be loaded with almost anything you can think of, rock, sand, water bottles, soda cans, or even beer. JTL Stand Weight Bag is ideal for shooting outdoors or indoor studio.
Traditional sand bag is designed for C-stand with 2 square holders. It cannot be used with any light stands. JTL stand weight bag can be used with C-stand and any heavy-duty light stands. Photographer only needs 1 stand bag instead of 2-3-weight bags.

Weight Bag: Code 5108
Weight Bag
Code: 5108 Weight Bag
Size: The shape of the bag is 2 square holders with 9" x 9"
Double zippers provide security when loading sand.
Color: Yellow and Black
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